About us

Beauty creator, entrepreneur, world traveler, wife, and Mother
Paris founded Foreign Xchange Inc. As the owner of Foreign Xchange Extensions, the goal is to boost the confidence of our customers. I am passionate about our unique products that set us apart from the competition. I have traveled across the world, studying a variety of hair cultures. My goal was to discover the finest quality of hair. We have researched vendors in the Philippines, vendors in China, and the most prominent Indian hair
supplier in India that distributes extensions and manufacturers in Asia, Australia, and the USA.
Our extensions turn your hair dreams into reality. Our flawless extensions are highly esteemed due to their natural appearance, being full of body, rich, vibrant colors, and a wide range of textures hand-picked for each purchaser.
It is Our philosophy that healthy hair is essential. It's my theory that our hair extensions subject the least damage possible on the hair, nonetheless nourishing a glamorous style that should coexist. Our knowledge goes beyond meeting the needs of all hair types.
I am formerly from the Beautiful, Windy City of Chicago. Still, for various reasons, I came to Atlanta, where I fell in love with the city and the support from others, pushing my luxurious dreams to unfold.